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Newsletter (March 1974)

Contents: Co-convenors: Val Strantzen and Marion Rock; delay in printing the Medical Library Directory; list of journals recommended for the small medical library completed and available; book list proposed for next project; Consultative panel for small hospital libraries met at Austin: Anne Harrison, Jacqueline Baillie, Enid Meldrum, Marion Rock, Val Strantzen; guidelines prepared by Jacqueline Baillie are available "Notes on Plan of Instruction for Untrained Persons in Charge of Hospital Libraries"; submission to Commission of Enquiry into Hospital and Health Services in Victoria (by Anne

Newsletter (November 1973)

Contents: list of suggested books and journals for a small medical library almost completed; potential project to write a manual of medical libraries in small hospitals; Wimmera and Moe Hospitals each request library advice; Geelong Hospital to be linked with Monash University; hospital librarian wages now aligned with radiographers and physiotherapists; STISEC report comments and submission to AACOBS Committee; Val Strantzen and Marion Rock to be the next Co-convenors; talk by Anne Harrison on meeting of medical librarians in Perth; role of National Library in medicine; talk by Jacqueline

Newsletter (August 1973)

Contents: quotes for Medical Libraries' Directory; request to update draft list of recommended journals for small libraries; comments on the standards of medical journals; wages case of the Association of Hospital and Health Services Librarians; talk by L. Walsh on the regional organization of hospitals and hospital services in Victoria - commenced 1954, rearranged 1970, suggested ways for country library services.
Original document held in ALIA House, Canberra.

Newsletter (July 1973)

Contents: report of unproductive meeting with Hospital and Charities Commission that, until we could prove there was a need for librarians in country hospitals, we could not expect much sympathy from the boards of management; more discussion about an advisory committee for country hospitals; loose-leaf format proposed for medical library directory; $2 subscription due.
Original document held in ALIA House, Canberra.

Newsletter (March 1973)

Contents: suggestion to form an honorary advisory panel to help librarians to establish new medical libraries; potential for a scholarship for training in medical librarianship; talk by Fay Baker on her trip to the Philippines as Medical Library Consultant with the World Health Organization.
Original document held in ALIA House, Canberra.

Newsletter (December 1972)

Contents: suggestions of topics for future meetings include structure of postgraduate specialists courses, regional organization of hospitals and plans for hospital libraries, establishing a new hospital library, services of an expert advisory committee; talk by Paul Hodgson on the Australian MEDLARS Service includes history of the establishment, future plans, capacity of the service, current awareness service, requirements for using MEDLARS over a manual search.
Original document held in ALIA House, Canberra.

Newsletter (December 1971)

Contents: 1st Newsletter, early December, not dated; does not contain Minutes; report of university medical librarians' resolution to form a national group with state branches; National Co-convenors of Australian Medical Librarians Group: Jacquelline Baillie, Anne Harrison; Victorian Co-convenors: Fay Baker, Enid Meldrum; subscription $1.00 to 30th June 1972; meetings to be held quarterly; future topics to be on interlibrary loans, cataloguing, subscription agencies; future projects to compile list of member libraries, lists of basic reference books and journals, airmail subscriptions.

National Newsletter (September 2000)

Contents: Riding the wave: the Directory of Electronic Health Sciences Journals; Is there a future for the Health Libraries Section in the new ALIA?; Research output from paediatric hospitals, 1993-1996; Library service to community-based health professionals at Southern Health, Melbourne; Western Australian union list of journals to go on the Web; Preparing for Evidence Based Practice Seminar. 
Original document held in ALIA House, Canberra.

National Newsletter (July/August 2001)

Contents: Health Libraries Australia: new group endorsed by ALIA; ALIA Group application form; reports from portfolio holders on information policy, benchmarking, evidence based healthcare; consortia; summaries from Queensland, Western Australia, ACT, Northern Territory, South Australia, Tasmania, New South Wales and Victoria. National Executive: Melanie Kammermann (Convenor), Patrick O'Connor (Secretary), Veronica Delafosse (Treasurer).
Original document held in ALIA House, Canberra.


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