Finding your way: design thinking as an approach to problem solving

ALIA Information Online 2015 Conference, 2-5 February Sydney : at the edge

This conference paper discusses using Design Thinking (DT) as an innovative way to approach the issues that arise with varied and changing situations currently facing libraries. DT draws on discourse from a range of disciplines to provide a methodological framework for user-centred problem solving (Dorst, 2011).

Submission to the Australian law reform commission inquiry into copyright and the digital economy

This submission from the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) and the Australian Law Librarians' Association (ALIA) to the Australian law reform commission inquiry into copyright and the digital ecomony discusses the possible reform of Australia's copyright law to benefit the digital economy.

Trove: reach and impact

ALIA National 2014 Conference, 15-19 September 2014 Melbourne : together we are stronger
The focus of this conference presentation is on the main lessons and outcomes of the  independent evaluation of customer satisfaction with Trove commssioned by the National Library of Australia. This first rigorous evaluation of Trove’s audiences and impact includes the consideration of the Australian public not yet benefiting from the Trove opportunity, and the ways in which the evaluation is shaping future development plans for Trove. 

Future of the library and information science profession: action list

In 2013, ALIA set out to investigate the big questions about our future: how will libraries remain relevant for users?; what changes will institutions and individuals in the sector experience?; will ‘library and information professional’ continue to be a necessary and desirable occupation? Challenging, insightful, inspiring responses to our request for feedback at events held all around Australia was received.  As a result, ALIA has been able to identify themes and develop actions that will support positive outcomes. The findings from the project have been produced as seven reports.

Library and information services: the future of the profession - themes and scenarios 2025

All of the ALIA  members want to know what the future holds for library and information services. Of course, it is impossible to predict in exact terms, but using global trends, early indicators and futurist thinking to develop themes can guide the discussion about where it might be headed. For the purpose of this discussion paper, ALIA has looked at the broad role of library and information services, and specific circumstances relating to school, public, academic and special libraries, and collecting institutions.


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