IFLA global vision discussion: Report of the ALIA Australian Public Library Alliance

The Australian Public Library Alliance (APLA) is part of the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) and represents 94% of all public libraries across Australia.
This report was created in an interactive process in Victoria in 2017 where 12 library leaders participated in a conversation about how a united library field can tackle the challenges of the future.

Library Lovers' Day 2021: social media guide

The theme for Library Lovers' Day 2021 was 'Make a date with your library'. The day is an annual opportunity for people to celebrate the valuable role that libraries play in their lives.
The purpose of this guide is to assist you to run a successful Library Lovers’ Day social media campaign and to promote your library. Running a successful social media campaign will help you to gain attention for your library services, attract more attendees to your library events and increase overall attention for the LIS industry.

APLA-ALIA Standards and Guidelines for Australian Public Libraries, December 2020

In August 2020 the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) on behalf of the Australian Public Library Alliance (APLA) engaged I & J Management Services Pty. Ltd. to update the 2016 Guidelines, Standards and Outcome Measures for Australian Public Libraries. The purpose of the project was to establish national standards and guidelines for public libraries that reflect the evolving role of contemporary public libraries and to better recognise the different circumstances in the eight states and territories, allowing for appropriate local interpretation.

E-commerce for library promotion and sustainability: How library technicians can market themselves and their library's services online

ALIA 2003 Library Technician Dunn & Wilson Scholarship, Lothar von Retzlaff AssDipAppSc(LT) ALIATec
This study was made possible through the Dunn & Wilson Scholarship and supported by the Australian Library & Information Association (ALIA).

Joint response to the National Arts and Culture Accord Digital Technology Survey, August 2015

The Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) and the peak representational bodies for the galleries, libraries, archives and museums of Australasia thank the authors for producing this report which provides useful discussion topics and a series of interesting recommendations that merit further investigation. GLAM sector organisations welcome the recommendations relating to cross domain and cross jurisdiction strategies and collaboration.


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