Health Libraries Australia: 2019 professional development day program [slides]

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Australian Library and Information Association Health Libraries Australia

Health Libraries Australia Professional Development Day, 18 & 19 July 2019 Melbourne: All about data - what do health librarians need to know in the data driven world of ehealth?
This presentation (PowerPoint slides) presents the PD Day program and provides supporting promotional information. 
eHealth and big data are driving massive change in the health sector. Librarians are continually challenged to be ‘data intelligent’ and to extend their skills in the use, visualisation and application of data and to support their clients’ data literacy. Librarian’s working in health science or inside health agencies and organisations are uniquely positioned to support the optimal use of data to support scientific research and the delivery of and improvements in health and medical care for individuals and the community.
This year the PD Day will combine keynote presentations with lightning talks and hands on workshops around the following themes:

  • Data science - what does this encompass? 
  • Research data management - is this a niche role for health librarians? 
  • Open data, open science, the reproducibility crisis and the future of scholarly publishing - should we champion open access and research rigour?
  • Bibliometrics, altmetrics, open access - what do these mean for collection development?
  • Data as the new evidence - has the published literature been gazumped?
  • Big data, predictive analytics, precision medicine and clinical decision-making - do librarians have a role? 
  • AI - are there opportunities for librarians in data curation, metadata and linking?
  • Digital literacy for consumers and health professionals - are librarians the best health literacy teachers?
  • Data visualisation – tools, techniques and the role of the Librarian. 
Deakin, ACT: Australian Library and Information Association