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Have you met ROS? The value of cross library collaboration in project management and delivery

ALIA Information Online 2015 Conference, 2-5 February 2015, Sydney: at the edge.
This conference paper discusses the new system launched by UNSW Library in 2013 to manage information about the research outputs produced at UNSW. In addition to the work expected as a part of a major technical implementation, the rollout of this system involved communication and support for up to 15,000 users, demanding skills that no single team at UNSW Library could provide on its own. The situation lent itself to collaboration.

ALIA Research Grant: Ethics application form

It is the responsibility of the researcher and ALIA to ensure that any research funded by the Association meets national ethical guidelines.
This form should be completed by ALIA research grant holders. 
This form has three sections:
SECTION 1: Form (to be completed by applicant)
SECTION 2: Ethical issues checklist for research involving humans (to be completed by applicant)
SECTION 3: To be completed by ALIA research ethics coordinator/reviewer

Twila Ann Janssen Herr Research Award

The Twila Ann Janssen Herr Award is a biennial award of up to $5000 that aims to provide an early career LIS practitioner with the opportunity to research or undertake a project in the area of library and information services for people with a disability.
The document outlines frequently asked questions regarding the terms of the Twila Ann Janssen Herr Award.


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