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Beyond a quality service: strengthening the social fabric. Standards and guidelines for Australian public libraries 1st ed.

This document is an evidence-based guide for the development of public library services in Australia. It uses the National and State Libraries Australasia (NSLA) annual collation of state and territory statistics as its evidence base, and builds on the earlier work on standards and guidelines carried out by the State Libraries of New South Wales and Queensland.

First 5 forever

Australian National Early Literacy Summit, 7-8 March 2016 Canberra
This conference presentation (PowerPoint slides) from the summit provides an overview of the 'First 5 forever' program in Queensland.

Australian Public Library Alliance achievements 2016-2018

The ALIA Australian Public Library Alliance (APLA) is the peak body for public libraries in Australia. Our committee comprises the chair of every state-based public library association, a senior representative from the ACT, Northern Territory and Tasmanian library services, and expert members. We represent 94% of all the 1500 public libraries across Australia through membership subscription.

ALIA Australian Public Library Alliance National strategy and action plan 2019-2022

The 2019-2022 ALIA Australian Public Library Alliance National strategy and action plan builds on the previous plan for 2015-2018 and the national vision and framework for Australian public libraries 2010-2015 within the context of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Strategic priorities and actions for the next three years are: 
1. National public library collaboration and advocacy
2. Supporting literacy and lifelong learning
3. Informed and connected citizens
4. Digital inclusion
5. Personal development and wellbeing


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