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Cracking the code: dating Australian portrait images through dress [slides]

Asia-Pacific Library and Information Conference 2018, 30 July - 2 August 2018 Gold Coast: Roar Leap Dare
This conference presentation (PowerPoint slides) accompanied the talk exploring the development of a unique image dating tool – the first of its kind in Australia – set to transform the way family historians and researchers interpret and date portrait images.

National RFID data profile Australia

This document has been prepared by a National RFID Data Profile (NRDP) working group established under the auspices of the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA). The working group was established to consider issues relating to information elements that might be placed on RFID tags by Australian libraries and the extent to which such information might have an impact on future interoperability and the leverage to be gained through RFID technology.

ALIA future of the library and information science profession: collecting institutions 2017 report update

In 2013, the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) set out to investigate (1) How will libraries remain relevant for users? (2) What changes will institutions and individuals in the sector experience? (3) Will ‘library and information professional’ continue to be a necessary and desirable occupation? Three years on, we have reviewed the themes, actions and what we have learned since the original investigation. This is the May 2017 update of the Future of the LIS Profession: Collecting Institutions report. 

From format to function: achieving transformational change

ALIA National 2014 Conference, 15-19 September 2014 Melbourne : together we are stronger

This conference presentation explains how driven by a need to reduce its operating budget, the State Library of New South Wales embarked on a Review Program to capitalise on its investment in technology, and position itself to tackle future needs and challenges – particularly in the digital environment.

Re imagining libraries

ALIA National 2014 Conference, 15-19 September 2014 Melbourne : together we are stronger

This conference presentation explores how the role of libraries have long been custodians of ‘more than just books’.  For NSLA libraries, the personal stories collected in our diaries, correspondence, photographs, artworks and realia are some of our most precious items.  The rapid increase in digitally-created material has posed many problems, but also offered many opportunities, for libraries. 

The benefits and the costs of digital grey literature for collecting organisations and the world!

ALIA National 2014 Conference, 15-19 September 2014 Melbourne : together we are stronger

This conference presentation explores the role of grey literature in public policy and practice in Australia based on the results of the Grey Literature Strategies research project, an ARC Linkage project being undertaken by Swinburne University and Victoria University in partnership with the National Library of Australia, the National and State Libraries Australasia (NSLA), the Australian Council for Educational Research and the Eidos Institute.


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