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Continuity and change: library technicians, past, present and future [slides]

National Library and Information Technicians' Symposium, 13-15 November 2019 Melbourne: Discover, Diversify, Dive In
This presentation (PowerPoint slides) accompanied the keynote address which looked back over the last 50 years of education for library technicians in Australia and explored the questions of ‘Why?’, ‘How?' and ‘Who? of the development of library technicians as an identifiable group within the library industry.

ALIA statement of support for the role of Course Coordinator in Vocational Education and Training

Over the last five years, that TAFEs have been reducing their investment in course coordinators (the administrative support role). This has a negative effect on the student experience and has serious implications for the capacity of lecturers in terms of delivering the course and ensuring that students graduate with a full understanding of the subjects they have taken. This has the potential to devalue the course and to damage the reputation of the TAFE institution and the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) as the accrediting body.

Is there a need for increased ICT training in library technician courses in Australia? [slides]

National Library and Information Technicians Symposium, 27-29 September 2017 North Sydney: bridge to knowledge
This conference presentation (PowerPoint slides) highlighting the need for increased ICT skills in library technicians was delivered during the LT Research Award 2015 presentation.


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