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Australian Library and Information Association Annual Report 2020

Contents: About ALIA -- President's report -- Chief Executive Officer's report -- Director Corporate Services' report -- Director of Learning's report -- Director of Conferences and Events' report -- How we performed against the ALIA Board's strategic plan -- Our membership -- Advocacy campaigns -- Government and stakeholder relations -- Conferences and events -- ALIA in the regions -- Education, professional development and training -- Awards -- Communications -- Financial statements.



ALIA Strategic Plan 2020-2024

The ALIA Board met on 17 August 2020 to develop the next iteration of the ALIA Strategic Plan, in response to the extraordinary social environment, with the nation divided between states and territories with no COVID-19 cases and those striving to eliminate the Coronavirus. At this time, and for the next five years, the ALIA Board foresees the need for a four-fold approach:

ALIA member code of conduct statement

The Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) requires members, both personal and institutional, to adhere to the highest standards of ethical practice and professional competence. All members are bound by the ALIA Constitution to act responsibly and to be accountable for their actions. The ALIA Code of Conduct establishes a common understanding of the responsibilities of members.
This document replaces "ALIA member code of conduct statement" (2018).


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