Two years after… experiences of INELI Oceania Innovators [slides]

ALIA Library

Nakaora, Nina; Biazik, Ania

Asia-Pacific Library and Information Conference 2018, 30 July - 2 August 2018 Gold Coast: Roar Leap Dare
This conference presentation (PowerPoint slides) accompanied a lightning talk from members of the International Network of Emerging Library Innovators (INELI)-Oceania.
In 2014, the first cohort of The International Network of Emerging Library Innovators (INELI)-Oceania saw a group of passionate young professionals networking in the region. INELI Oceania is based on the very successful International Network of Library Innovators, an initiative of the Global Libraries project of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. INELI-Oceania provides emerging library leaders within the Oceania region - Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific nations - with opportunities to connect with each other to explore new ideas, to experiment with new services, and to learn from one another. Participants, known as Innovators work together over a two-year period to develop their skills in innovation, leadership and collaboration. 
INELI-Oceania has two main components: an interactive online site that includes social forums and skills building modules, and two face-to-face Convenings that bring participants together to visit innovative libraries and share ideas and experiences. This trusted and supportive environment is supported by a group of mentors and sponsors and innovators themselves. The online learning delivers modules on innovation, risk, data, conflict management and other topics relevant to leadership and innovation.
Two Innovators from INELI-Oceania Cohort 2 will share their experiences of the two-year programme. They both LEAPED into the unknown. They DARED to challenge the status quo. They embraced smart failures. During this journey, they were challenged and encouraged to grow as leaders and information professionals. In this lighting talk, they will present their experiences of the programme, from learning about new tools to implementing innovating ideas in their workplaces, from local leadership to international networking.
A series of examples will illustrate how they built their confidence in risk taking, resilience in innovation, assertiveness in communication and courage in conflict management. They will share how their participation in INELI impacted on the types of risks they are taking and plan to take in the future. The network of fellow innovators and mentors played a crucial role as critique groups and supporters. This talk is an opportunity to hear INELI’s authentic stories and an invitation to network beyond the borders. Hear us ROAR!

Deakin, ACT: Australian Library and Information Association
Suva City Carnegie Library; Auckland Council Libraries