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Around the World in Not-Quite-80 Libraries: What Library Trends Around the World Show Us About Future Library Spaces [slides]

ALIA Information Online 2017 Conference, 13-17 February 2017 Sydney: Data Information Knowledge
This conference presentation (PowerPoint slides) shares best practices, lessons learned, implementation suggestions, and a significant number of images of the concepts in place in spaces, so that libraries around the world can take advantage of the innovations of our colleagues.

When free is not enough: what the International Librarians Network managed to achieve with zero budget, and what we did when we hit the limits [slides]

ALIA Information Online 2015 Conference, 2-5 February 2015, Sydney: at the edge
This conference presentation (PowerPoint slides) outlines how the ILN used freely available technology to establish and grow, and what was achieved from this base. The paper explores the steps the ILN took to identify planning and development strategies for small organisations and projects that need to ‘do more with less’.

The tipping point: How granular statistics can make a big difference in understanding and demonstrating value

ALIA Information Online 2015 Conference, 2-5 February 2015, Sydney: at the edge.
The purpose of this paper is to introduce an original, quantitative approach to examining the use of library electronic resources by demographic (or 'market segment'). In turn it provides an innovative way to demonstrate and explore the value of libraries and importantly, electronic collections.


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