Victorian public libraries 2030: the future in action

Siegmann, Karyn

ALIA National 2016 Conference, 29 August-2 September 2016, Melbourne: Engage, create, lead
This conference paper details the development of Victorian Public Libraries 2030: Strategic Framework (VPL 2030) a strategic approach to the planning of public library projects in Victoria.  It shows how the framework operates to maintain a consistent approach across the Victoria public library sector and provide updates on statewide public library development projects undertaken collaboratively by Public Library Victoria Network (PLVN) and the State Library of Victoria (SLV).  
The strategic objectives of the VPL 2030 framework address the following social trends: creativity, collaboration, brain health, dynamic learning and community connection. The objectives themselves consist of: storytelling that fosters buy-in to the shared vision; accessing additional revenue and funding schemes; products, services, and programs aligned to community needs and aspirations; facilities and resources that underpin community creativity and learning; and staff with the skills and attributes to enable services into the future. 

Deakin, ACT: Australian Library and Information Association
Public Libraries Network Victoria; State Library of Victoria