The library and information agenda 2015

This document summarises how people who work in the library and information field want Australian Governments to engage with library and information services during their term of office. Throughout the political process, the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) will be lobbying for The Library and Information Agenda – four themes and 10 items which we believe are essential for promoting literacy, enabling citizens to be well-informed, supporting socially inclusive communities and contributing to the success of Australia as a knowledge-based economy.

Submission in response to the ACT Legislative Assembly Standing Committee on Environment and Transport and City Services inquiry into ACT Libraries, September 2018

Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) submission in response to the ACT Legislative Assembly Standing Committee inquiry into ACT Libraries.

The school library workforce in Australia

ALIA 2016 National Conference, 29 August-2 September 2016, Melbourne: engage, create, lead.
This paper engages with the issue, raised by Lonsdale in 2003, of a lack of data regarding national staffing trends in Australian school libraries. The authors review the literature available, including general census data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, library sector-specific information, and data from the education sector (including school libraries). Particular focus is given to the Staff in Australian Schools survey, as well as its limitations. 

Submission to the Australian Bureau of Statistics: Essential Statistical Assets for Australia

This submission has two purposes. The first is to establish ALIA’s interest in being involved in further discussion and consultation around the choice of Essential Statistical Assets for Australia; the second is to make the case for the inclusion of an additional statistic, and for the retention of two of the Category D “possibly out” statistics. 


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