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Marketing and promotion of special libraries and collections: methods, vehicles and activities [slides]

Asia-Pacific Library and Information Conference 2018, 30 July - 2 August 2018 Gold Coast: Roar Leap Dare
This conference presentation (PowerPoint slides) accompanies the paper which discusses special libraries and the difficulties faced in divising methods, vehicles and activities to market and promote their services and collections.

Special libraries directory 2019-2020

ALIA’s Special Libraries Working Group has put together this directory of special libraries to support collaboration. The directory is not a comprehensive listing, but it does identify like-minded individuals working in similar situations. The aim is to enable people to share non-competitive information, insight, expertise, ideas and resources; to improve the sense of connectedness in a sector with many one-person libraries, and to strengthen special libraries’ advocacy network.

10 ways that libraries power high performance organisations

Australian special libraries serve clients in government, health, law, business, banking, consulting, research, science and technology, the arts, media and other industries by providing facts not fiction, decision-ready information, usable big data, tailored resources, 24/7 electronic delivery of information, a world view of cutting edge information theory and practice, access to the latest news, staff professional development, information and technology expertise, and preservation services.

Guidelines for Australian special libraries 2019

These guidelines support the operations of special libraries, information services or corporate research units and their respective staff. They recognise the changing landscape for special libraries and the opportunities and challenges presented by digital content, delivery platforms and communications. They are designed to inform senior management about the role and value of special libraries, provide library managers with a benchmark, and guide staff in the delivery of programs and services.

Commonwealth government agency libraries review: literature review

Ongoing financial, administrative, and technological changes present significant challenges and opportunities for government libraries in delivering services to their clients. Determining how government library and information services might best confront these challenges and take advantage of new opportunities is crucial for the future of the sector. The Australian Government Libraries Information Network (AGLIN) has commissioned a review of service delivery models in Commonwealth Government libraries.

Innovative projects in digital special collections: bridging the gap between digitisation and knowledge creation [slides]

National Library and Information Technicians Symposium, 27-29 September 2017 North Sydney: bridge to knowledge
This presentation (PowerPoint slides) supports the paper which discusses an approach to effectively managing photographic digitisation projects.


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