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Australian libraries responding to COVID-19: Checklist for reopening libraries

As of 1 May, governments have started planning to ease restrictions on services, with the Northern Territory announcing the reopening of public library services from 15 May. We anticipate greater clarity in the coming weeks about when libraries may be able to ease restrictions on services and reopen fully. While government can make broad statements about libraries reopening, the details will need to be carefully planned by library managers to mitigate any remaining risks for staff and library users.

COVID-19 and Australian public libraries: interim report 30 April

The Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA), with input from the ALIA Australian Public Library Alliance, has been monitoring the impact of COVID-19 on Australian public libraries since early March. This report summarises the feedback from 225 of the 400 library services (in total covering 1500 locations) nationally, including several joint use school community libraries.

This interim report has three purposes:

ALIA disaster scenarios for staff training sessions

This document has been updated from an earlier edition (ALIA, 2010) and provides various disaster training scenarios which can help staff to prepare, update and refine library Disaster Plans and assist in staff training. A list of key issues is also provided for facilitators to select and adapt to help groups explore the implications of the different disaster scenarios.
This resource can be used in conjunction with the ALIA Disaster Management for Libraries: Guide (Part 1) and Disaster Plan Template (Part 2).

ALIA disaster management for libraries: part two - disaster plan template

This template has been flexibly designed for your library or cultural institution to develop its own collections Disaster Plan. It is to be used in conjunction with the Guide (Part one) which provides an overview and context for the Disaster Plan. The template is based on a medium to large sized library but can be tailored to meet the needs of smaller libraries, or other collecting organisations.

ALIA disaster management for libraries: part one - guide

This guide provides concise information about how to safeguard library collections in the event of a disaster and has been updated from an earlier edition (ALIA, 2010). The Guide (Part one) gives an overview and context for the Disaster Plan. The Disaster Plan Template (Part two) provides further details and a flexible integrated model with tables and a checklist for you to adapt and develop your library’s own Disaster Plan.


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